Earth from above

2 06 2007

A creature from other space is sent to the Earth to observe and report to his leader.After he visited our planet he advices a friend who is going to live down here.

“Man you have to be very careful down there!These people are crazy!Listen now,if you want to be beautiful according to their standarts,you have to go training-do you understand what I mean?in you case let`s suppose you are a man,yes there are another kind,very light and childishly helpless kind they call women or girls,but now on your case.So i saw a lot os men.When they are young most of themgo to train or make muscules and become so vain.because they want to recieve attention from the other kind.However, when they become a little older,they become abssessed with the idea of making career,which means getting decent job,making a lot of money for a house  with a pool and  a car in the outskirts of a metropolitan.\When man gets older and older,and his offspring leaves him,he starts “to walk” to his end of his life,starts talking about death-that`s a moment of a complete relief for the human being,and he is waiting for it with eagerness tired of the hurring and tense life.
I described you the life of an ordinary man.However,this man is under the authority of a group of people who control different parts of the dry land.Sometimes these groups of people can`t get what they want from each other and start killing the ordinary men and women I told you about.I heard that there were two iron flying birds with ordinary men and women in their bellies who crashed in two towers killing other innocent people because of these authority groups of people.But don`t wory this doesn`t happen to everyday,you can find a peaceful piece of land and live your life,don`t worry!And good luck down there!(you`ll need it)”  


Let`s just be friends

4 05 2007

Not to be able to forgive is a character of the weaker.


I`m with a new policy.Before I used to be sullen whole months  if someone hurt my feelings and proud but now I realize  that to be angry on somebody means to tremor yourself for that person`s disadvantages.It`s a waste of time and missing good chances.
I beg for pardon the person who was lowering my dignity  for some months till now.I`m glad I did it.I feel better 🙂


Should all courses you would take in college be careerprep?

27 04 2007

Yes,I think it`s meanless to take courses you have no need or such that don`t deal with what you choose as your future career.
You should choose very carefully the courses and should be related and help to the main major.So if you choose to be a singer you should take not only music but also theather and acting,literature and poetry(all good singers could write their songs)psychology and probably some others I can`t name now.
I now Lyd won`t be very glad to read this because we have read “The usefullness of uselessness” so many times and discussed.Everytime I read it I feel enthusiastic to take such kind of courses but what for…..I can always find “a huge pond” of information  nowadays about everykind of stuff I want to know about.
However,the fact that I would never know such kind of stuff exists is very posible and bothering.

Ostracizing people

27 04 2007

We were talking about problems of the teenagers nowadays last week.Someone mention about that deviding  among  people…yeah,actually it happens not only between teenagers of a class but also at work place,too,it`s everywhere.
It`s a result of the difference between characters and also emotional perception of different people.You feel someone close to you when he/she shares your personal view,feels sympathy and has similar interests.Thus you form a group of people that has all these upper and sometimes you forget about others.
I think,that ‘forgeting’ probably forms the main problem-ostrazing people.
You talk,laugh,going out only with your people and the others feel your indifference to them.That is the unharmful way of ostracizement.
There might be other more painful way.This way you have their whole  attention-they are mocking with you,humiliating you and make you feel the most miserable thing in this world.

Just think about that

14 04 2007


The secret to happiness is

low expectation!


11 04 2007


Hmm…it`s been a long time I`ve not posted anything.
It seems I`m posting only when I`m emontionaly involved with something that had happened to me or made an impression on me.
Well,now I`m emotionally inspired 🙂

I found out that I`m a gossipper,intriguer and “talk too much”.
Sometimes that`s make me proud and gives me some high spirit that I know a lot about people and can find their weakness if I need to.However,sometimes-like these days ,that “sharing”(if I may call it like that) with other people, information about someone else ,made me feel the miserable thing in the world.
I feel so bad because I ‘disconnect’ the friend relations between  2 persons,but I had to tell  my best friend how her “friend” as he says so,mocking to her when she is not there.
Now the “friend” is mad on me because I made them on bad terms and I`m angry to my best friend because she betrayed me as she told him that I inform her about the whole sitution.

I always say that I`m glad that I have not the problems which other people at my age like love torments,family and friend problems.I maintaned that but now I see there are some of them in my life,too.
Although,I don`t take them seriously they could be prety  much concerning.Because man without friends is like  tree without roots,however pompous and funny that sound.

I was watching a film-prety simple plot,I think,but I found a “stalk”  in it that made me think.
The film`s title -Employee of the month,it was about a man who became  employee of the moth  because a prety girl,bet his friends that he can do it and he do it,his grandma sees that he changes and she is glad.Then  he starts to get what he want little by little but he lost his friends because of  missed appointments and betrayments in the name of his aim.
However,in the end of the film he becomes the employee of the month but not because of the help of the prety girl or his grandma and because of his friends.They help him emotionaly and with actions.

It seems that only Lyd read my blog or just only Lyd post comments,so I`m expecting them 🙂

Life is just passing by

26 03 2007

Yesterday I saw a girl….hmmm…..I better say already a woman that 4 years ago graduated form school and choir,pushing her baby-carriage.I felt so strange and bad…..
The last memory I remember her was when we were on a tour in Spain and I clearly can see her on the bus stairs flirting and giggling at a Russian boy asking him to take a photo with the other girls.So childish and teenager I remembered her and now when I saw her like that,I`m not saying it`s bad curse to have a child,no,that`s great miracle for each person.However,seeing her like that made me think of myself-Is life passing by so fast?Am I so grown up to see people,almost from my childhood,married and with babies?Is that what expecting me after some couple of years?I just……..dunno….

I would not forget the teenage smile of my memory and the smile of the mother at her baby,the smile of the life changed Silvia.